96 minutes review (Spoilers)

Quick summary of plot

A film about two groups of people who lead opposite lives which in one horrible case of wrong place, wrong time. Collides.
The film titled 96 minutes which was in fact 96 minutes long (nice touch) was a shocker for me. This was because as far as I was aware, there had been little hype about it. However my decision to watch this film was one that I do not regret at all. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and I hope this review does it justice.

Main Cast

The Brilliant Brittany Snow (Carely) plays the role of a successful law student who is uncertain about her life and what the future holds. We are use to seeing Britany in films such as "John Tucker must die" and "Pitch Perfect" so seeing her in this which was beyond her norm was an invited change. I am glad to say, she does not disappoint.

Evan Ross play's Dre; A morally good student with a bright future ahead of him. HOWEVER a local gang (+ a wanna be gangster) which he calls his friends are holding him back. Being a fairly new actor Evan Ross displays high acting capabilities and a promising future.

 "Where have I seen this before?" 

96 minutes is being compared to the award winning film "Crash". This is because they both had the same concept of seemingly different peoples lives colliding in one big event. To rival these two films based on them having the same concept due to 96 minutes lack of budget. However if this was to happen, I would say we have a case of David vs Goliath


The ending of this film had great depth / meaning to it. It shows us that mistakes are inevitable however it is how you handle the mistakes which decides your fate. (In this case not well as it ended with Dre in jail). However the biggest "explosion" for this ending was when Carley (Britany snow) forgave Dre for his crimes in the form of saying kind words at is parole hearing. The message hear is to forgive and forget, that is how you move on in life.
A great ending for a tense / gripping film, wont be forgetting this in a hurry.

To summarise

I really enjoyed this film, I was very impressed. It was 96 minutes which to be honest was the perfect length of time; long enough to set the story with lots of intense scenes however not too long that it makes you want the film to end.

I rate 96 minutes a 8/10.  

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