American hustle review (Spoilers)

Summery of plot

A "business man" and his female British partner who have a less than legal job are forced to work with the FBI in order to trap criminals including the Mafia.
American hustle was probably one of the most anticipated film of 2013. This was because of the highly credited cast to be honest, out there storyline.

Main cast

Usually I only write about one or two of the main actors however due to this film being American Hustle, I am writing five.
Christian bale (who was fat by the way) play's Ivring, a conman with many successful however not necessarily legal businesses. Owning these "legitimate" businesses requires a certain amount of skills however luckily, he learnt these growing up as child.
Amy Adams plays a sexy con artist who has a tendency to go British once in a while. At first she appears to go along for the ride however falls in love with a married Christian bale (dun dun dun). One thing to note is that her character always seems to forget a bra.


Bradley Cooper (Richie) plays a FBI agent who uses Ivring and Sydney to set up an operation in order to arrest many corrupt politician's and even the Mayor of Camden (Town where they all live).

Jennifer Lawrence (Rosylin) plays the role of Ivring's neglected wife and mother to his child. Like Amy Adams, Jennifer puts on a great accent which brings the film to a whole new level of excellence.

Jeremy Renner (carmine) is the mayor of Camden who seemingly wants to do the right thing however is starting to use methods which ain't in line with the law to do it. I.e falls into Bradley Coopers trap. Also had a killer hairstyle.




A fan of accents

This film seemed to have a lot of accents, the most noticeable was Amy Adams with her spot on British and Jennifer Lawrence with her British accent. I have to say that I am relieved they had added them, for me it helped because with all these outstanding actors / actresses it was difficult to remember what film we were watching. Like part of me wanted Jennifer Lawrence to pull out a bow and arrow and just kill Ivring and his cheating ways. Or Amy Adams to call superman and fly her out of this mess.  

Cringe part

Ivring and Carmen had a strange relationship, due to the scam they had to become close. To do this they formed a kind of bromance which cliché, was Kind of real for Ivring. However at some points they pushed it a bit too. However that's only my opinion, others ay disagree but hey.

Skipping the rest of the waffle I will just get straight to the overall feeling (don't want the review to be too long)

The storyline was kind of hard to follow, apart from the extremely unrealistic storyline that was pretty much it. The acting was spot on but really the only reason I liked the film. Without it I do not think this film would be so successful. It was not disappointing but I found myself zoning out at some points, the thought of another scene with Jennifer Lawrence was the only thing that got me through it. (Also it helped when Jennifer and Amy kissed).
So in summery, story was eh, acting was yay!
Overall I give American Hustle a 7.9/10 (Give or take).


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