Getaway review (spoilersish)

Summery Of Plot

A race car driver is forced to complete tasks in a kitted out Ford Shelby GT against the clock in order to save his wife. (NOTE - tis a remake of an older film) 


Main Cast

Ethen Hawk (Brent) is a race car driver who's world is turned upside down when he gets a mysterious phone call informing him that unless he carried out tasks, they would murder his wife. 
Selena Gomez (known as the kid) is a tech genius who the kitted out Ford Shelby GT originally belonged to. When she goes to take her car back, she is taken along with for the ride.









The main car in this is a Ford Shelby GT and it looks / sounds nice, I don't get why Selena Gomez owns it. Even if she plays a really cool character with a rich dad. One things for sure, it was a heck of a graduation present.










For  a 12A I have to say the chases was pretty good. Ok, a few randomly placed explosions made it seem too fake. But the good camera angles helped make the restricted action exiting.







Ok, as much as everyone likes a well placed technical difficulty. The Ford Shelby GT stalling then not starting back up again wasn't one of thee. Its an awesome car, the hole film is revolved around this. Why ruin its image by breaking it?

Overall Feeling Of The Film

To be honest, there really wasn't that much to say about the film. it was 90 minutes long so it did not drag. The action was good however I felt like the 12A restricted it and prevented it from being fast and furious type action. The acting was good, felt a bit odd it being Selena Gomez, she just seemed like a baby for some reason however enjoyed her presence.
Overall I give Getaway a 6.9 / 10.. A nice film but nothing special.

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