Gravity review (Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot

A meteorite attack threatens a space mission and the crew involved.

Main Crew

Sandra Bullock (Ryan Stone) is an engineer who is sent out to space on her first mission in space. her character is portrayed as being very intelligent however lives a very lonely life after the sudden loss of her daughter.

George Clooney (Matt Kawolski) is a professional astronaut who is about to retire from this job which he loves very much. He plays the source of all knowledge which ends up being the key to Ryan Stones survival. (Matt also loves Vodka).

Apart from these two characters, there were no more characters. Another astronaut joined them on the mission however we do not learn much about him or his role. he was in the film long enough to realise his presence however was not missed after he was killed off. After the first explosion we see more crew of the space ship that were not deemed relevant enough for more then a second of screen time. We were also joined by a series of voices which were mission control.


When I watched this film, I went to the 3D viewing. This film most likely around 89% CGI which seemed to rub off on the characters. This was because they appeared to resemble avatars. I would usually blame the fact that the film was 3D however after discussion with peers, this feeling was  mutual throughout the viewings. This however was an issue which was quickly forgotten due to the presence of mind blowing explosions.

Scientific Accuracy

Fortunately, we did not have to wait long before we see everything blow up. These explosions were made more exiting due to the fact that they were scientifically accurate. The explosions caused a lot of scepticism with a lot of people because space is a vacuum therefore there should be no sound, even during the explosions. I am relieved to say that Gravity stuck with this fact and carried it out beautifully which helped too to the tension.  






Gravity was a mere 91 minutes which to be honest shocked me. Don't get me wrong, I am relieved that they did not drag it on and on however there was just that Oliver Twist moment of wanting more. Disregarding this feeling I have to say that they crammed in everything which they possibly could have.



To be honest, there was really only one way which this film could have ended. Sandra Bullock surviving. I particularly enjoyed the irony of her feeling safe on Earth however almost died,yet again. Although a post credit scene would have been welcomed to show something more, the ending of this film does not disappoint. It is what the majority of people wanted to happen.


Something Missing

Walking out of the cinema I was impressed however couldn't help thinking that something was missing. The reason for this was that they just finished the film by leaving her in the middle of no where. If this film has taught me anything it is that the main characters of this film are never safe, anything could have happened to her as it never showed Sandra being rescued.

Overall Feeling

Enjoyed this film, it was out there. Would recommend this to anyone who enjoys space related films. A much bigger version of final destination.

I rate Gravity a 8.7/10

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