Homefront Revew (Not Really Any Spoilers That Worn't In The Trailer)

Summery Of Plot

An Ex DEA agent moves him and his daughter to a small town for a quiet life however does not get this with a former drug lord and an enemy from the past closing in on him.

Main Cast

Jason Statham (Phil) is an ex DEA agent. After a big bust, he gets a girlfriend and has a child. Unfortunate events occur which leads him too seek a quiet life with his daughter. This however does not happen and his combat skills are proven useful.

James Franco (Gator) is a small time drug dealer and a local mental psychopath however seeks bigger things for his small time business.

Action - Kick Ass

Obviously with a film directed Sylvestor Stallone and casted Jason Statham, it is not going to be about fairy's. It's going to contain loads of blood filled action and this film has its fair share of it. Impressive blood filled action. This film really pushed the boundary on "Will this smash? ah well, ill try it anyway", The glass shattering, bone crunching action will impress even the pickiest of you. And for you marshal art'ists, don't worry. Your needs will be for filled.
Also, his daughter takes after him, you will see what I mean if you watch it (Knows a few moves).

Small Bit Of CGI

Near to the end, there is a car crash. A normal person would be one the wiser but for a keen eyed filmy. Its noticeable. The previous CGI for example explosions really impress however the crash is a no go. Not to be to harsh, it was only for around a millisecond which wasn't good, the rest was fine.

Ending - Not To Ruin Too Much

A car chase, plane and simple. Wouldn't be much of an action film without a car chase. In simple words. Great camera angles used, made you wanting more and question what would happen E.G a crash.
The ending fight scene - ok, any good action film or game in fact will have a massive fight scene of some sort which involves many punches and usually lethal wounds which were mysteriously survived. But this. Nah, a few punches and deathly stares. Kind of a disappointment after such an action filled film.
After what we assume is the ending coz they got the baddie, nope. There is a small 5 second scene which teases for a number two. Its just on of those exiting scenes in case the producers want a number two.


After hearing some bad reviews about this film I was hesitant about paying to watch it however it was pretty good. Overall I am impressed, great fighting, good plot and a great cast.

Overall I give Homefront a 7.6 / 10

WARNING! A lot of Explicit language used so don't show your children. 

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