Lone Survivor Revew (Spoilers)

Summery Of Plot

Marcus and his team have a mission to kill a Taliban leader however stumble into a moral choice which does not seem to have any positive outcomes.

Main Cast

Mark Wahlberg (Marcus) is a well respected Navy Seal and has been for some time however the life of him and his team is put into danger during operation "Red Wing".
The story is pretty much the same for the rest of the cast Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster (give or take a few marital stories).


The mission in this film takes a turn for the worst when the team's hand is forced into a moral decision. Once discovered they had three options, too kill, tie up or let loose the civilians. Of course, the moral choice which also sucked was to let them go which to be honest, we all wanted. I just wanted to mention this because I think the film handled this brilliantly. They managed to fit in how the characters would feel what ever choice they made and also how the public would have viewed it. There wouldn't have been a film without this but I just wanted to say nicely done.


There was two main cliché's that I realised. One being there is the new recruit who is rearing to go out on a mission and even says they are "lucky" for going out on the mission. From watching many films I have learnt that these characters, often. DIE. I was right, what made the moment even more cliché was that it was when he got his chance to be first. yep, Sucks to be him.
The second one also revolves around the "your lucky" quote. Because in fact (as we all know coz of the trailer) they are not. But these are what make films like this good so no complaints. 

Dam Budget Cuts

The apache helicopters were in short supply (probably due to the budget cuts). Of course this has a crucial impact on the plot. Dam.  





Never Good For The Pilots

This point links to the point above. This is because the pilots always die. Its a well known rule of movies. That when you take helicopters into a high risk area, the pilots will due. The main characters may get out but other then that the piglets will die. This links to the point above because if they had those dam apache's then they may have survived and the film would have been around 20 minutes shorter.

Great Picture

Being an army film, we would have been disappointed with limited camera angles. However we were spoilt for choice. We get many great shots of the location and the slow motion effects in during crucial events were great. Kind of over used but no complaints, im a guy, we like bone breaking slo mo.

Wait, WHAT!

Towards the end of the film Marcus needed a knife, fair enough. But the way he went about it describing it to the kid. woooo. and then the kid finally understood. So it leads us to think wait, he just taught the kid what a knife is and its used for killing.

Overall Feeling Of Film

I really enjoyed this film. It really reflected life and death situations faced by the army. I would not recommend showing this film to anyone schweemish due to the amount of blood and shooting but otherwise. Go for it.  

I give Lone Survivor an 8.2 / 10.

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