Non-stop knock off

*I have not seen this film, this is based on repeatedly watching the trailer*

Non-stop is a Liam Neeson film about an air marshel who is accused of hijacking a plane.
Fair enough. Seems like a good movie. However the story then goes:
The hijackers want said amount of money to be wires into said bank account.
Again fair enough but the twist:
It's Liam Neeson's bank account. So the rest goes the army think it's him hijacking the plane and holding it for ransom.

RED FLAG! -  deos this part sound familiar?
Using someone else's bank number to frame them for the hijacking of a plane.

FLIGHT PLAN (with jodie foster). This is one good film which I highly rate (around 8.7 / 10).
If you are unfamiliar with the story, the relevant part goes she is framed for hijacking the plane, the real indication it is her is the bank account details falsely passed on.

After seeing the trailer to Non-stop at the cinema before Robocop (which will be reviewed shortly) I was outraged. This was what made flight plan so brilliant, the genius behind it. And they just go and copy it!

OK, the main parts of the film are different however this is a key plot twist which was originally done in flight plan. Blatant copy and disregard for other movie masterpieces.

I just wanted to have this small rant because people should be aware of things like this. As good as Non-stop looks, it has a strike in my book before I have even seen it. Disappointed :-(

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