Oblivion Review (Spoilers)

Summery Of Plot

A failed invasion at Earth (from aliens) leaves a practically uninhabitable Earth in ruins. (the moon was destroyed causing tidal disasters all over the world) A technician and his partner is assigned to protect / maintain drones to ensure that the new location for human life (The Tek) has energy.

Main Cast:

Tom Cruise (Jack) is a technician who's job it is to ensure that the drones which patrol the area are maintained. After a mandatory memory wipe leaves Jack with just segments of his memories, he is curious to find out about his past before the invasion.

Morgan Freeman (Beech) is the leader of the Scavs, a groups who perceived as evil aliens however really is Earths survivors.

Andrea Riseborough (Victoria) is Jacks support whilst he is on missions, she contacts control and passes on mission instructions. Victoria is also jacks wife and they are the only two humans left on Earth.

Remains Of Earth

One of the attractions of this film is the amazing effects of a derelict earth with damaged sites. The ruined surface of Earth contains ruins however mostly sand. My only complaint with this is that they used too much sand. It appears that they used the sand as an excuse to not include as much detail, just mountains and mountains of sand.

Eh? moment

Morgan Freeman plays a key role in the story however we see as little as possible of him. He gets around five minutes of screen time which to be honest is kind of disappointing.


The twist in this film was jack and Victoria were really dead, the ones we see in the film were clones created to suit the alien purposes. The Aliens in fact had one the war and killed the majority of the humans, the aliens were not using Earth for all of its resources. There were thousands of Jack and victoria's scattered around the globe in different sectors (radiation zones).The scavs were not the aliens, they were humans dressed in random outfits as they were able to deflect the scanning drones away.

Opinion On This

To be completely honest when I first found out about this twist I was not too keen. When we discovered the twist, jack was looking at another jack. You think its a twin but then you realise nope, just a clone. (so kind of a twin). However after a while it grows on you and this in fact becomes the best part of the film.







Issues With The Plot

I promised myself that I would not include this subsection however I couldn't resist
As the sub title states, there are  a few holes in the plot. One is that Jack still has memories, however a memory wipe would have gotten rid of this.
Another issue with the plot is that they kept saying they had two weeks left then they would have gone to Tek. It is not stated what would have happened if they lasted those two weeks therefore leading us to guess. My guess is that as clones, their life span only lasts that.
Plot hole three, how did the aliens know to use Sally. Sally was the mission controller on their original mission to investigate the Tek. It makes sense that they have been cloned due to the fact they entered the Tek however Sally was no on the space ship so it begs the question, where did they get Sally's face / voice from.
Also, once they entered the Tek. What happened to them? We see them disappear into a bright light (which resembles what happened in spy kids. We can only assume that they were killed.
The house they lived in was also another issue. It was stated many times that they had a lack of supplies .Where did they get the supplies to build the luxury houses, did jack and Victoria not get suspicious at all?
duplication issue, they are clones. So what happens to the others. Do they even know that their boss had been destroyed? wont their be another war because they still think the scavs are aliens?
However the main issue which bugs all of us is. At the end, how did Julia have her kid? At no point in the film did Julia and Jack have intercourse and as far as we were aware she was alone. Leading us to the point of where did she get the sperm from?




Overall Feeling

I was really looking forward to watching this film however to be honest I expected more action, more shooting, more EXPLOSIONS! the acting was great, I particularly enjoyed Andrea Riseborough (However the only red head which will smash all is Sarah Rafferty).

Overall I give oblivion a 7.5 / 10.



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