Red 2 (MEGA review) (Spoilers)

Summery of plot

Frank Moses and his team must once again, come out of retirement in order to clear his and his friends name, oh and also to save the world.

Main cast

Bruce Willis (Frank) is a retired CIA agent and is considered a legend or "Retired extremely dangerous". As you go through the film you realise that it is extremely hard to kill frank (As we all know because he is the immortal Bruce Willis).
Mary-Louise Parker (Sarah) is Franks considerably younger girlfriend which to be honest, is my favourite character. She is funny, wants adventure and is really really funny when you give her a gun.


"Hey, its" moment

This film, had a great cast with a lot of people from random programs. This list includes:
Hey, its the psychopath Eddie was married to in desperate housewives.
Hey, its the psycho guy from Gi Joe (better stay away from him).
Hey, its the guy from die hard 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Looper, Expendable 1 and 2, Armageddon, Friends and that baby thing where its his voice.


Who needs continuity?

First scene of the film, they are in what looks like a giant supermarket or as the bog standard super marker in America (I dunno). Anyway, from what It looks like they do a massive shop and from it sounds like, they buy a lot of bulky items such as a grill.. However, when they walk out, they are not holding anything. Not even the jumbo shrimp that frank wanted????? WTF???? does someone wanna tell them that they forgot their shopping or what?

Good old Marvin

A car explosion which "killed" Marvin was very off. As we see, Marvin is engulfed by flames however, nah. He Had an open casket (Which I would not recommend for dead people who were in an explosion) and his body was fine. No one questioned it? oh well, Frank gives a very moving speech. Guess its a good thing he didn't burn up considering he wasn't really dead.


A British assassin who I think should be in James Bond. I bring this up because, for some reason. When ever I see her I think of Bridget Jones. Don't know why, maybe its the accent. Also, we learn that she keeps bodies in her frezer. Who doesn't????? Also she says "Bollocks". lol.

Ketja vs Sarah

One this which was very well portrayed was the rivalry between Franks current girlfriend and an old flame. To for this to make sense I need to mention Ketja. She is an old girlfriend who for some reason, Frank gets weak in the knees when she is around. Now personally, I liked her. however preferred Sarah so I don't like her but anyway. I wanted to say a few quotes by Sarah because to be honest, this rivalry was great. "and you, Can suck it! "Svetlana or what ever her name is!" "scankey, Russian Biach Ex Girlfriend".

How to wake someone up

SLKAP SLAP SLAP! SCREAM IN THEIR FACE, SLAP SLAP SLAP. and then go on an expensive shopping trip with their money. As taught to us by Sarah herself.



ok, so I know this film is known for taking things to the extreme but a mini gun attacked to a car. Its a bit extreme, no complaints though.

Cool moments

Four person convoy down the corrydoor then shooting. Cool
Lotus. Cool
Porshe. Cool
Lotus under barrier. Cool
Lotus under lorry. cloche but cool
Weird drift moment in lotus. Very Cool


Overall summery of film

As you can probably tell from all of my waffling, I had a lot of good stuff to say about this film. Why??? because it was bloody brilliant!!!!!! I loved this film. It was out their, witty and had a great cast. It also an awesome post credit scene. I would highly recommend it, love it love it love it!

Over all I give Red 2 a 8.9 / 10


  1. Fix some errors please such as corridor not corrydoor and there instead of their.

    1. Dear anonymous comentor,
      I would like to thank you for bringing these errors to my attention. I will try to avoid these grammatical errors in the future. As it was a mega review I was typing extremely fast so a few grammatical errors were inevitable. Again, thank you for the polite comment.
      Yours sincerely,
      Mario Elia

  2. Don't forget its slap not slkap

    1. Assuming this is the same anonymous commenter. Thank you for pointing this out, again. I will try my best to avoid this mistake in the future .

  3. Dr bailey is played by the same man who played hannibal, you should talk about how he played his role brilliantly.

    1. Dear anonymous commenter,
      Feedback is always appreciated however I must point out that I do not watch Hannibal therefore was the reason I did not point this out. I do not feel comfortable writing stuff which I am not sure are true.
      Yours sincerely,
      Mario Elia