Robocop Review (Spoilers)

Summery Of Plot

A cop is almost killed during an explosion which caused major damage to his body caused by an enemy from his current case. However a company called Omnicorp (not Oscorp) offers another alternative, to rebuild him in a robot suit (however they have other intentions for "Robocop").

Main Cast

Joel Kinnaman (Alex Murphy / Robocop) is a Detroit police officer with a wife and a  son. However is targeted by a notorious criminal and is critically damaged in a car explosion.

Gary Oldman (Dr. Dennet Norton) *Or the guy from Batman as I know him* is the scientist who made the technology capable to rebuilding Alex into Robocop.

Samuel Jackson (Pat Novak) is a Bias and very angry news presenter. (By the way, he always seems angry in every film he is in, just a general observation).

Race Joke In A 12A

Alex's partner says to him "at least you are the right colour now" when his suit is sprayed black. Nothing really wrong with this, a harmless joke, I am mentioning this because the film is a 12A. We are trying to discourage racism even in a harmless joke, not a lot of people would find this offensive, just some over protective parents may complain as its a 12A. (thought it was worth a mention).


Guy With Mechanical Arms

Near the beginning parts of the film it shows a guy with mechanical arms in Omnicorp. Two things about this scene. I get CGI is difficult to do but it just seemed a bit distant when he was playing with the guitar.  
Secondly they say to him play the guitar, just don't show emotion. straight away I picked up on something which was then later stated in the film. You cant play an instrument without emotion, apparently it clogged up the signals. Playing an instrument requires emotion otherwise you are a chimpanzee playing the drums. Not really any tune. Just like AHHHHHHH, im 18 and I can tell you their ideas were flawed, it doesn't take a scientist to realise that.

Warning, It Is A 12A For A Reason

The action seemed a bit limited in my opinion. Like they could have done more with it but the age rating limited it (this is reflected as the original is an 18). Like they could have had so much more action for example arresting more criminals but didn't.


I am no expert but no matter what material they used I assume Robocop weighed a lot. You can even hear this when ever he steps on the floor, there is a clunk. Metal is heavy, lifts can only hold a certain weight. So how can the lift, lift him?


Solving His Own Murder

A key part of tis film was Alex solving his own murder. But this well sucked. It was over within 5 minutes. Asking around this had the same reaction, it should have been the majority of the film, not just a 5 minute action scene.


Pat Novak makes the bold statement "This is why Americas the best country in the world". Ok, everyone is entitled to their own opinion however being in England. Everyone looked around like yeh ok, what ever.

No Post Credit Scene

It is the rule of thumb that if the lights do not turn on in the cinema during the credits, there is a post credit scene. Well there was not. ME and my friends looked like idiots sitting there through the credit all for nothing.

Over All Feeling Of Robocop

To be honest I was kind of disappointed. Watching the trailer I expected so much, especially on the action front. However was let down to see that the action shots in the trailer was about it. That was all the action which was in the film. Its a 12A which of course opened it to a wider audience however note, YOUNGER AUDIENCE so the action will not be as good. Also, a two hour film. Where did the time go? nothing really happened. People say time flies when your habing fun however I dought the people sitting next to me will agree as they fell asleep. To be honest I was kind of envious they could do that because the film was kinda boring. Like how may times can you shut him down? or threaten to?
Overall I give Robocop a disappointing 6 / 10.

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