Runner Runner Review (Not Really Any Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot

A desperate for money collage student is given what seems to be the opportunity of a life time when he goes face to face with a poker website owner (which, coincidently took all of his money).

Main Cast:

Ben Affleck (Ivan) is a billion air who owns an online gambling website. He owns an empire including mansions, planes, cars and a stunning girlfriend all of which. Richie wants a part of.

Justin Timberlake (Richie)  is a student who once had a money making life however this was taken away from him. Now he is a student in-eligible for financial aid and pilling student bills.

Gemma Arterton (Rebecca) is Ivans girlfriend who has been their, supporting him from the beginning.

Also it has Sam Palladio from Nashville - Nothing really much to say apart from im a Nashville fan so... gets a mention. (since im in a mentioning mood, its got the dad from white chicks and Daniel Hardman from suits. SUITTTTTTS!!!!!, big fan of suits!).

Who Says Money Cannot Buy Happiness

This film has a lot of nice houses, cars and boats. All paid for. However the main thing which jumped out at me with this film was the party. WOOOOOOW. It was on par with a great Gatsby party. Roller coasters, girls and lots of alcohol. They must have had a great party planner because this will impress anyone watching and make them wish they were there.







Where Have I Seen This Before?

Ok, this is a unique film however I am able to notice similar elements in films such as 21 and paranoia. The main guy having ambition however lacks money? realises its a bad idea? They bring his family into it (paranoia)? The police get involved? anyone else notice that?

What did you just say?

There is a scene in the film between Ivan and a client where they are speaking a different language which I have never heard of. I am mentioning this because there were no sub titles however this seemed to be intense. I wouldn't usually care but it seems like we missed out on a considerable amount of tension.

Plot Holes

So at the beginning Justin Timberlake clearly stated that he gambled his entire bank balance (17 thousand and something) and he lost this. After he was able to buy a plane ticket, pay for a taxi and a hotel. Odd??? I think so.
He just walked out on school. Before he left he clearly stated that "he got extensions" on his work however once he got the job he forgot all about collage. Completely understandable but it would have been nice to tell us he quit.

If You Wanted To

Anthony Mackie plays the role of a cop desperate to bust Ivan. May I add a very aggressive cop. Just wanted to point out that Hill Harper could have suited this role much better (Based on his role in covert affairs as Colder Micheals).


Overall Feeling 

When this film began it had a strong opening therefore leading me to have high hopes. unfortunately it just goes down hill from their. Not necessarily a bad film but I just lost interest. Even with Gemma Arterton prancing around the screen. This film was short however felt like it dragged on. Its one of those films that you are like "it would be good if you changed it, I just don't know what to change".
Actually, I can think of one thing I would change. The ending. I was like WHAT THE f**K! why did you not just give him the package. Why become a fugitive for a second just to confuse the audience?
Overall  give Runner Runner a 6/10. (Not So Good)

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