The call review (NO spoilers)

Summery of plot

A call operator feels responsible for a girl death after a bad shift however is forced to relive this when she helps a trainee with a call.

Main cast

Halle berry (Jordan) is a call operator for the emergency services (one of the best) and takes the law into her own hands in order to save a girls life.
Abigale brislen (casey) is in the wrong place in the wrong time and is abducted by a psychopath. It is up to Jordan to save her.


I was amazed by the high level of acting on this film. Obviously Halle berry was no shocker as she is Halle berry. However the younger / newer characters were very well casted and I must say good job to all of them.

What I thought

I was in fact shocked by this film. I expected something impressive but this blew me away. Suspense, thrilling, gripping. Just a few words which describes this film. I am glad that I paid al that money to see it in the cinema.

What my friends thought

Exited after watching this film is the cinema, I felt the need to share it so I dragged my friends along (seeing it for a second time). They were very impressed. A bit scared but that's just them. They were glad that for once they had listened to me.

I give the call 9/10

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