The Fifth Estate Review (Spoilers)

Summery of plot

A movie based around the creation of Wiki leaks and how it battles corruption in major organisations and even military cover ups.


Main Cast

Benedict Cumberbatch (Julian) is a person who believes in freedom of information, no matter how this information is revealed.
Daniel Bruhl (Daniel) is a computer expert (ie hacker) who also believes in the freedom of information for justice.

Straight into it

One of the first things that you notice about this film is that it will be offensive. How did I get this impression, I watched the first minute of the film. Within this they manage to swear an awful lot and cus Germans. eh, its a 15. Its to be expected.



If you haven't noticed from my previous reviews, I hate having to read whilst watching a film. Luckily there were loads to read during this film! If you are dyslexic like me, you may hate this or it may not bother you. I just didn't like it.

What A Dick!

Julian, the main character. I was able to recognise three important traits of this that I thought I would share with you. He is a dick who cannot dance and looks very creepy.

The joker.

Many of you should be familiar with Batman - The dark night. The main reason me mentioning this is the Joker "Want to know how I got these scars". Julian seemed to mimic this with the how he got his white hair stories. Hey, it added a comical factor.
Random note - Julian wears a pirate bat T-shirt.


One part I enjoyed about this film was the CGI enhanced room with employees of WikiLeaks. I think this just made you appreciate how much this website grey throughout the film. Also the destruction of it was even better! Good too see it burn!

Overall Feeling Of The Fifth Estate

I really want to say that I enjoyed this film but I cant. I just cant lie like that. The beginning was interesting, showed potential but then towards the middle I lost interest, like started to do other stuff but then the ending re hooked me in. So. ahhhhhhh! Don't hate it but did not enjoy it. The acting however was good, which to be honest, means I cannot mark it too harshly.  
Overall I Give The Fifth Estate A 6.7 / 10.

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