The Heat Review (Not Too Many Spoilers)

Summery of plot

A follow the book FBI agent (Sandra Bullock) is partnered with the complete opposite. A lead with your gun, say what you think Boston cop (Melissa McCarthy). A dangerous case forces these two officers of the law to work with each other, no matter what it takes.

Main Cast

Sandra Bullock (Ashburn) is after a promotion however is continuously denied due to her uptight / cocky attitude (which is a great character). This is her chance to redeem herself however is challenged by her new partner (Melissa McCarthy).

Melissa McCarthy (Mullins) is a born and raised Boston cop who finds her self with an obstacle whilst on a case (Sandra Bullock). Willing to do what ever it takes to protect her neighbourhood, she is forced to partner up with Ashburn.


Two knock out actresses take this film above and beyond. Melissa really takes the give a S**t attitude and makes it her own which can also be said about Sandra Bullock. After playing in many FBI films (e.g miss conguniality) Sandra clearly knows what she is doing which is then again reflected in this film.
Also, this film has a fat Michael Rapaport (Gary from friends). Nothing in particular to say about this, just thought I should mention it.  

Offensive Humour

I have to give a warning that if you have not seen this film yet and you are albino; enter cinemas with caution. There are a few cracks about a characters pale skin colour however the main thing to remember is that this is humour, try to not be too offended. (Also if you are a guy, towards the ending may hurt. ALOT. You will see what I mean).


What I Thought Of This Film

Personally I loved this film. Funny, funny, funny. This film is guaranteed to send you laughing off of your seats and then again when you get back on them. The writers have really gone out and beyond with the script, great job. I cannot think of issues that I had with this script.
I enjoyed this film so much that I have seen it three times. 

I give The Heat a 8.5 / 10.

NOTE! Stick around for the post credit scene!

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