The Host MEGA Reivew (Not really any spoilers that will ruien the plot) (A lot of keen eyed issues)

Summery Of Plot

An alien invasion which takes over peoples bodies leaves only a small amount of humans to help protect the human race.

Main Cast

Saoirse Ronan (Melanie / wonda) has her body taken over by an alien whilst trying to protect her fellow friends however she is not giving up without a fight. As they describe it "the host is fighting back" (By the way its Hanna)
Diane Kruger (The seeker / Lucy) has also had her body taken over and the alien (A B***h) is a key component in making sure that all of the humans are taken over).











Chrome Everything!

Like police vehicles, the officials cars / motorbikes/ guns and helicopters were marked in a chrome wrap. As nice as it looked, WHY??? it is so obvious, I mean if you wanted to be discrete they are going the complete wrong way about it. Also it is not practical, one stone dent and it will look nasty. The whole reflection will go into one spot and AHHHH. Not practical at all.


Film Shouldn't Have Technically Happen (According to gravity)

At the beginning it shows melanie jumping out of a window to a certain death. However she didn't die, reason for this is "she wants to live" or something like that. BullS**T. My point is one that this is a complete crappy answer. And secondly, she should have died. If she did this film would not have happened. so, really... not great.



Ok, so about 20 minutes into the film we see Wonda (Melanie) in a Volvo, when she realises she had been tricked she done a very impressive 180 turn. This is frustrating because one, it takes a lot of power which that Volvo clearly did not have to do that turn. Also, the driver must have had some experience driving to pull that off which wanda would not have as she just arrived on the planet.

Oh Crap, I Broke The Volvo.

Soon after the impressive turn, melanie makes wanda crash by stopping the jolting the steering wheel in an attempt to protect the humans. what concerns me is why did she do this? she clearly still has some control over her body because she made her jump off of the balcony earlier. (I was also concerned why she crashed to walk instead of driving but I figured it would not leave any tracks. So walking was the better option).

Great Physical Compass

Soon after the crash Melanie points wanda in the direction of East in order to locate her friends. Again there is an error, how did she know that was East. I know she is meant to be a good survivor and all that but she is not a walking compass.


Why So Violent

so when we see these taken over humans they are evil (of course) and the surviving humans are protecting them self for example by shooting them. They also make a really big deal about trying to kill them. But! We never actually see a infected human be violent therefore my question is. When they are being chased, why not stop, get out and shoot. From the looks of things they don't fight back (Well give or take a few violent ones).

Bullet Proof!

The helicopters, being expensive and all, were bullet prof. fair enough. But knowing this, the humans still carried on shooting and wasting ammo??? just... no. don't think anyone would mind me saying im not surprised they died. Also. They had been "cornered". bull crap. they could have just continued the chase.
And. My point going back the top with the chrome being ruined by a stone chip. yeh, a bullet would have definitely ruined the paint job however the chrome bulletproof helicopter didn't even have an indentation from the bullets?
not damaged 


When wanda / Melanie was reunited with the humans (at the beginning when she was still infected) she was greeted with a huge back hand from her ex boyfriend. I get the fact he was pissed coz she took his girl away but common. She is still a woman and she in in your ex girlfriends body. the slap seemed a bit mean.



This film features glowing worms which glow however when they detect loud noise they stop glowing. This was clearly displayed and stated in the film however most of the conversation was loud but the worms still stayed illuminated???

Clearly Not Important

Jamie (Melanie's brother) sustained a leg injury however this was left untreated when the doctor was operating on infected people. so does this mean he could rather experiment then save a fellow humans life?


When wanda got the medicine to save Jamie it clearly showed the nurse alien saying "heal / seal" for the spray to come out and heal her cuts. However they did not say this when they applied it to Jamie, just sprayed it... (it shouldn't have worked)

Look Alike?

The boys in this film all looked the same, I know their different people but its like they got triplets to play the friends battling over her love. I found it difficult to differentiate which one we liked and didn't. 


I actually found a disturbing plot hole. One of the scenes shows an infected baby (we assume infected at least). earlier in the film it shows to infect someone you must take a scalpel to their neck. So they cut a baby????? seems pretty psychopathic for a surpassingly peaceful race.

How Was This Even Possible?

Ok, so in order for them to be able to infect someone a person must physically cut an incision into someone's neck. so how did the first person get infected? the souls cannot cut anyone???? also. How did they spread so fast? wouldn't the humans have realised the increase in chrome and start to kill infected people?


to hide their human eyes they had to wear sunglasses. wouldn't this look suspicious? no one else is wearing them so wouldn't one question why they were?

Overall Feeling Of The Film

Ok, I know I have made very good points about what's wrong with this film. I can ignore that fact that surprisingly, I enjoyed it. To be honest I didn't expect to but it was just nice to watch. There wasn't much violence due to the age rating, fair enough. But this was just a nice film to watch with a cheerful ending.

Overall I give The Host a 7.9 / 10

Disclaimer! I admit that I rambled on a lot about this film, to be honest I did not expect to have so much to say but hey. I am keen. BTW I did not read the book.

ALSO, shout out to Skylar Grey, my favourite artist who made a killer soundtrack for this film.

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