Assembling the marvel universe: Something I found interesting

Watching Assembling the marvel universe I just wanted to share one main fact which I was actually shocked by. I did not really read a lot of captain America comics so I am not sure if this was a well known fact.

This fact is that Bucky Barnes is the winter soldier. For those of you who don't know who Bucky Barnes is, he was Steve Rogers best friend (As shown in Captain America: The First Avenger). May I just point out ex best friend because he... well... died. We also find out that to become the winter soldier he went through the same experiment that Steve Rogers went through in order to become Captain America. Also, he received a metal arm. I am not really sure why he needed this, in the first captain America film he died (or was just injured) by falling off of a moving train. Maybe he lost an arm. Not really sure. Got to go and watch it but yeh. That was my shocking fact.

We also gain some incite into the guardians of the galaxy (which I am very exited about) and Avengers age of ultron (which I am also exited about). I am exited to meet the scarlet witch and Quick silver. 

Basically, watch this documentary for your selves. my advice, if you cant find it then look online; everything's online. Rally, it just makes you want to rewatch the avengers.

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