August: Osage County (Waffle review) (Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot

Three very different sisters are brought back together after the death of their father to the one thing they had been avoiding for years, their strong willed, strong languaged mother

Main Cast

Meryl Streep (Violet) is the mother of three daughters who's husband had just killed himself. This film is about her getting through the funeral the only way she knows how.

Julia Roberts (Barbra) is Violets most confident daughter who has some very firm views on how the family should be run. (and a strong language, like all of the characters in this film).
One thing that you first notice about this film is that they all put on an accent which is carried out perfectly. A very strong cast followed by a very strong accent = good film. Unless you cant understand the accent of course, then it will be a waste of money.


Waffle Points:

They seem to have a lot of lesbian cracks, and native American cracks. She even accuses her daughter of being a lesbian. hmmmmmmm
Steve or as I know him as "Super Gavin" (Friends reference) is a weird character in this film. He seems to have a nice car and all that but then he plays crappy feminine music. Also, as you quickly learn, super Gavin is a super Prick as he offers Jene (A 14 ear old) weed. Not a smart move. At the beginning of the film I thought he was going to try something on with Jene (as dud the native American when she took a shovel to his head).
At one point when little Charlie kept apologising for over sleeping it took me back to a Kick ass 2 moment. (Skip to around 40 seconds)
Also they keep referring to the fish catfish which was cooked by the Native American. However when they said this all I could think about was the show catfish. I think I need to cut down on the TV I watch.
My final waffle point is at the art when they are all smashing plates. (who cleaned it up?!) when the daughters done it, it was finny however when Meryl done it I wet my self with laughter.



Overall Feeling About This Film

I really enjoyed this film. I couldn't really fault it which lead to such a random review. One thing I will say is that this is not a film for the faint hearted. If you do not like swearing then do not see this film. This film was funny in a twisted kind of way. Overall, great cast, great jokes, great film.
Overall I give August: Osage County a 8.1 / 10  

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