Avenger, that made no sense! (WTF!)

I am trying yet another section for my blog. This is "that made no sense (WTF). this is where I point out scenes in films which I thought made no sense therefore deserved the Mario Label of what the F**k. Please let me know what you think of this in the comments below. 

This post is about a scene in the avengers. When the government decide instead of leaving it to the super heroes to save New York they decide to send a Nuke there instead. Seems a bit mean but that's not what deserves the WTF label. The part which deserves the WTF label is Nick Furries reaction to this once he finds a jet from his own plane taking off to fire the Nuke. 

Nick Fury decides to get an RPG (which are obviously widely available around the ship) and tries to shoot the plane before it takes off. I can think of several WTF problems with this. One is that he shot one plane with a missile, he just killed one of his pilots. I doubt that it was a drone otherwise it would have said. So Nick Furry killed one of his own. Now one quote pops into mind. An eye for an eye (there may be more relevant quotes but this is what i can think of now). He kills one of his own to stop them for killing others however the pilot was only following orders. Correct me if i am wrong but isnt this murder? also, it turns out that the Nuke wasn't even on that jet, it as on another one!

My final issue with this is that he was about to shoot a fully loaded jet fighter out of the sky which was carrying a Nuke. Ok, i am no expert but i think that would have made one heck of a mess. And by mess I mean the Nuke would have exploded from the explosion impact of the missile. Now the nuclear explosion would have most likely killed every agent on that aircraft including Nick himself. That would have been expensive and again, would have been murder. (not to comment on the nuclear fallout killing any sea life underneath because they were over see in case it would fall. Which would have pissed off green peace a lot). 

All of these reasons leading me to say What The F**k! 

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