Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review (megga + wafflle review) (Both no and spoilers, ill expalin in the review)

Ok, so this is a new film which I was very exited too see however I know there is a lot of people who haven't seen it but there are also people who have. So I am going to split this review into three sections so everyone can get the most out of it without leaving disappointed.
1st section will be the basic review (no spoilers)
2nd will be all the little parts which I thought were worth commenting (this contains spoilers so if you have not seen the film do not read this unless you want too)
3rd will be commenting on the post credit scene
(Obviously this will contain spoilers also, so do not read this unless you want to)
Also, I tried to include everything about the film, I as unable to take notes because... well... they don't just let you whip your phone out in the middle of the cinema. 


Summary of plot

Captain America who is still trying to adjust to life in the new world must fight all of his instincts when a situation threatens everything he believes in. The Winter Soldier.

Main Cast (there's quiet a few)
Chris Evens (Steve Rogers / Captain America) is still adjusting to life in the new world. He does not necessarily agree with everything that shield does however wants to make a difference in this world.

Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Furry) is the hard hitting, no mercy shield veteran who finds himself out of his depth in this latest instalment.

Scarlet Johansson (Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow) is a reformed shield agent who does not have any limits for her missions. Smart, Sexy and unstoppable.

Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson / Falcon) Is an ex... lets say pilot who soon becomes the only person Steve and Natasha can trust.

Overall Feeling of the film
I really enjoyed this film, much much better then the first one. The only way to describe it is through the snickers advert when they are like "better, better". This sequel definitely had "gotten some nuts". It did seem more of an avengers film however I am really not complaining,. They really went beyond what anyone could have expected. Great job :)

Overall I Give Captain America: The Winter Soldier A 8.9 -9.2 / 10. Very impressive.

2 (You have been warned, spoilers below)

The main thing that we all wanted to see was more Black Widow and there was plenty of her. Much more screen time then we all expected which was a great bonus.
We also saw more of Maria Hill which was a bonus. I really think she is an underused character however I can appreciate that having too much cooks in one kitchen can really ruin a film. Also, am I the only one that thinks Maria Hill looks like Missy Peregrym?

Similarities: There were quiet a few comparisons in this film which were very similar to others, one film is Transcendence which is not out yet. Its about people downloading a mans thoughts to a computer which was done in this. (also Natasha done a great Saw reference).
Another film which was very similar plot wise was J.I Joe Retaliation. You know with the whole conspiracy and the bad guys being the head of the organisation with no one knowing.

Also a film called Stealth. ITs basically about three next generation fighter jets. So when the bunker had just been bombed and they sent the search party with those cool looking planes, yh, that.
One thing, does this affect the TV show Agents Of Shield? because now there is no shield. They did just rip it down. What happens to the rest of shield in the other countries? do they just shut down also. By the way I think this film had an influence on agents of shield because of the whole, they couldn't find Nick Furry. It also follows that no one knew that he had died.


One thing that you will notice is the product placement, I get a little product placement but this was kind of over kill. Like the Jordan's, could they take up any more of the screen. Also the HTC one, well jokes on them because the One M8 has been released. Also when they were in the Apple shop, I don't care where an apple shop is, it is never that empty.
At the end when the three future generation aircraft carriers are shooting each other out of the sky, wont the debris hit anyone? I know they were mostly over ocean but they won't completely. And won't people question three ships in the sky shooting each other? what is this battle ships? I know shield like to cover stuff up but I imagine this would be pretty difficult to cover up.
I also want to mention about the new girl, agent 13. She cool. I think she is from a TV show calked revenge, she seemed pretty kick ass, hopefully a new character for the future marvel universe.
What car would Natasha Romanoff drive? anyone take a guess? a big Chunky 4X4 like Nick Furry, which was very good, guns, Jarvis like person, air con and all sorts? no, a corvette, just making her even more appealing to the male species.
One thing which we are all gutted about is that at the end, the evil guy that we thought got crushed by an aircraft carrier was in fact alive, damaged but alive. He hurt agent 13, don't like him.
One thing which is confusing is how did the winter soldier ambush the team by jumping on the car? he didn't fall from the sky because the car would have been crushed, he couldn't have gone car jumping because hello? they would have noticed, no matter how deep the conversation.
One heart-breaking part of this film was too see Peggy. I had always wondered if she was still alive but too see her all old and suffering from a mental disease, can bring a tear to anyone's eye.
I must comment on this film on the fact that they didn't hold back, excuse my language but they didn't take the pussy route, this film was a good 12a. Could have even been a 15. I am happy to say that this film is one of those ones that I would say would have been better as a 15. They really pushed the boundaries of a 12a and that's all I ask for.

One thing which is certain is that the trailer was very very misleading. To be honest I am happy about that because even though I knew everything was going to happen and my predictions mostly came true. The action was still unpredictable regardless what was shown on the trailer.
A sour point which really pissed me off was at the end with the press conference, why the intense flashing light? for someone like me who's eyes are sensitive to bright light this really irritated me. Also Captain America lost his shield, a bit random. What would he have done if the winter soldier had in fact killed him, not stopped punching?  I would have laughed.
Confused, very confused. So the basic plot of this film was stopping this new program from killing people who hadn't actually committed a crime yet however are statistically said to in the future. However isn't this what they were originally going to do? Didn't Nick Furry brag to Captain America that he was going to do this. However when they realised that Hydra was in fact the brains behind this whole operation they wanted to stop it? but isn't what they were originally going to do? I am confused, was the 20 million people they were going to kill different or the same as shield was going to kill. I also noticed that one of the targets was at Stark tower, were they going to kill Tony Stark?
Interesting facts from the comics related to this film:
  • Captain America uses his shield through a series of trick shots and cleverly placed magnets.
  • Nick Furry was originally white.

3 again there arte minor spoilers which wont really affect your viewing abut this film

So at the end we got a scene showing that Hydra has obtained Loki's sphere. Cool ,see what they do with that in the next film.
The main part of this is the twins. For those of you who were confused, these were The Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver. I am not going to reveal to much about them however I will say that they are in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. (The Scarlet Which Is played by Ashley Olsen). Behind the scenes for that can be seen in this link.
Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver are actually in x-men days of future past however I do not think that this will affect the story because x-men days of future past is set way in the future.

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