Divergent Small Review (Not relly any spoilers)

Summary of plot

One girl finds out that she doesn't fit in with the norm (fractions) which society depends on (a divergent). In order to survive she must hide who she really is and try and fit into one of the most difficult factions.   

Main Cast

Shailene Woodley (Tris) doesn't fit in. She is a divergent. She must hide who she really is o avoid being ruthlessly hunted by the government.  

Theo Games (Four) is a mysterious high ranking soldier in the Abnegation faction who has some secrets which Tris is very keen to uncover.


What I thought of Divergent

I thought divergent was a nice film. I mean it was god to an extent but to be honest I would have liked to see more violence. Many of you would probably enjoy the film however personally, I expected more violence. They may have done this to aim it at a larger audience or kids, I dunno. One thing which I noticed about this film is that it didn't really feel unique. It really felt like the hunger games with a splash of the host, oh and the main really reminded me of Alexa Vega. Also I may have screamed "ITS NIKITA" when Maggie Q came onto the screen, she should have had a bigger part. The film also reminded me of Harry Potter when they were choosing there factions or in harry potter terms "houses".

Overall I Give Divergent A 7.9 / 10.

One thing I was confused about (this paragraph may contain spoilers so you may not want ot read this) is why did Biatrece (Tris) and her brother choose the faction at the same time? Do they choose at a certain age or... Anyone know the answer, feel free to say your thoughts in the comments below.

Please note: I avoided many spoilers because this is a new film, if you guys want a full review just let me know in the comments below.



  1. Nice review Mario. It feels like it has something to say, but isn't sure how to say it. So instead, it just sort of drags on for nearly two-and-a-half-hours.

    1. Hi Dan, I appreciate the feedback and I understand what you mean. It was just difficult with this film because I really liked it, but it was just missing something. For some reason I just found that difficult to express that in short words.

    2. Also, my friends do tell me k have a tendency to drag on. So I will work on that in future reviews.
      Thanks again for the feedback,
      Mario Elia