Do we want a G..i. Joe 3?

This has not been confirmed yet hence this debate which you are all welcome to comment on in the comments below. 

I want to start off by saying that i love this franchise. I like the whole ideas of futuristic soldiers battling it out in unrealistic circumstances. I really liked the first one however i felt the second one was like the youngest child not quiet living up to its siblings shadow.  

According to sources ( the third addition is in development. 

I will welcome the third installment with open arms. I think it would be a great do over for number two to show that this franchise is not going into the s**ts. I think the world is not ready to say its final fare wells to the g.i Joe franchise, the third one just needs a bit more OOMPH to make this a must watch trilogy. 

If you want too see what I thought of the first two films then click ont he link below (however i think i w
as a tad too critical on number two)

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