Do we want a Terminator 5 (very short)

I am currently having conflict with my friends whether they should make a new one or just leave it as it is. In my opinion they should have just left it at number three because I thought number four lost what it was like to be a terminator film. Maybe if the film was under a different name or the characters were different. (Ie different members of the retaliation). I think that would have been a much better over hall then to keep using John Conner, i know its because of the plot and everything but if they went for such an over hall with number four then they could have just changed something else.

However there is that other part of me that loves this franchise and does not want it too end. The new film promises more time travel (which some viewers may find confusing) and more Arnold Swarzernegger. This part of me cant wait too see what they come up with.

Anyway guys (and girls), this was just a quick rant. Let me know what you think in the comments below. (Terminator 5 is called Terminator: Genesis)

Also, I will be reviewing Captain America The Winter soldier as soon as possible.

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