Enders game (Mini review)

Summary of plot

After an almost successful alien invasion, the human race are looking for children with incredibly high IQ in order for them to launch an attack that will end all further threat. "A war to end all wars".

Main Cast

Asa Butterfield (Ender) is an intelligent child and an unexpected hero. After recognizing he has the incredible ability to keep fighting, he is put on the front line to help end the war.

Abigalil Breslin (Valentine) is Enders younger brother who has been rejected from battle school because she has been deemed too compassionate however she pays ab huge role ensuring that Ender completes his mission. 
(There were a lot of other main characters but ho hey)

Overall feeling of Enders Game

To be completely honest i was shocked at this film. It was one of the films which I did not want too see at first however the nagging by my friends and the hype made me watch it. I must say that i was wrong to not want to see it. It was a really good film. I was actually shocked that it was so good. The whole setting, The begging bit was a tad of a drag however it was not boring, i was actually engaged the whole way through. Once again i was happy too see Abigail Breslin in a film. She appears to be in everything recently and as i have commented before, she was outstanding. She shows great promise for future films, she was a good casting choice. so great film, great action and great acting.

Overall I give Enders Game a 8.3 / 10 (giving it a few more points because I was originally wrong about this film and am not scared to admit it). 

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