Godzilla trailer 2 breakdown

As many of you are aware there is a new Godzilla film coming out later this year, research has confirmed that this is a remake. To be honest I do not really remember the 1998 film because I watched it so long ago so I will not really compare the two films.

This trailer opens with the classic disaster film scene, with everyone trying to evacuate the area causing a massive amounts of traffic. This is then followed by the classic (or cliché) conspiracy theory about people wanting to know the truth. There is also that whole conspiracy doesn't make sense because they said it was an earthquake but it also shows a crashed plane, an earthquake cant do that. (unless it was making an emergency landing on the motor way, then it would).

I mean fair enough, seems good enough. They are even kind enough to explain the plot of the film, so far so good.

The next few scenes are more destruction (just what we like to see:) . After however it is followed by Arron Johnson questioning whether they can kill it, well... considering the trailer shows them trying to kill it with nukes, I am guessing not... (If they are really stump for ideas then they can just ask the 1998 director, they seemed to know how to kill it).

One thing that I am confused about is what exactly is the main characters role in this? According to IMDB they are all family. In the trailer we see Arron being a civilian, a scientist and a soldier? They could be pulling a pacific rim and the character going into hiding, eh I don't know.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below, I am exited about this film, Are you? Do you think they should just give up on making remakes?

Also, The link for the trailer is below.

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