What I thaugh of Kickass 1 / 2 (ill try my best to make this one funny)

As much as our parents hate it, we all like a bit of kickass. Its the most outrageous franchises. We have a small kid swearing and jumping around knifing / shooting anyone she feels in the mood to kill. And a guy who all the girls adore getting battered the f**k out of. I think we can clearly say that without these two, this film would not be the same without them.  

At first glance its about a set of vigialanti's which want to make a difference. Well... its kinda the that. just a bit more gory. I don't know why, there is just something about a little girl killing fully grown men that is just amusing.

Just one question. Did any one else that when Kick-ass got the whole metal skeleton, he looked like Wolverine??? no, yes?

I have to say that as sad as the death of Nicolas Cage was, I was glad too see him go. he was a bit of a prick to Chloe (and we all liked Chloe).

The second film, I felt was not as good. Still pretty awesome, just Chloe was not as small. I must say that my favourite scene in number two  was the sick scene. I loved it! (Loved it, I was part of it!!!!!! see image below).

Look! ITS ME! back right styling a weird hair style

Lyndsy Fonseca, Lyndsy, Lyndsy, Lyndsy. We all love a bit of Lyndsy. She wasn't the most intelligent character and I have to say that a bit more of her in number two would have been greatly appreciated. (not that we can hold it against her, she was filming Nikita which was also epic). And her part was pretty memberable. "And by Baton, I mean Penis" "I don't know what's worst, the fact you fucked a ninth grader or just got dumped by one". (Usually I would star out the foul language, but its kick ass. Chloe wouldn't).

So overall thoughts. I love these two movies. the first one was under rated but I must point out that I done my up most best to show as many people as I could the film. Number two was eh but the acting was amazing (obviously coz I was in it!). Being part of the movie really made me appreciate how much the actors go through to film this. Also I must say that the people in the cinema hated me. I mean I did warn them but nothing could prepare them for "Its me! Look its me again! Look my head pops up their! Oh My God You can really see my face!".

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