Need For Speed Review (Spoilers)

Summary of plot

After Tobey is released from jail for a murder he did not commit; he vows to get the man responsible and of course. Race.

Main cast

Aaron Paul (Tobey) is framed for his friends murder. He knows who is responsible, the only problem was bringing him to justice.

Dominic Cooper (Dino) was the person who framed Tobey however is to arrogant to think he will not get caught, will Tobey's release change his attitude?

Just a fact about the film. Do not worry, they are not destroying these actual cars (which many of us see as works of art). They are in fact kit cars however still cost around 300 K each so seeing them crash still had an impact however knowing this fact cushioned the blow. This was especially important because there was no CGI so them crashing was actually them crashing.
Aaron Paul drove for a part of this film, some of the driving was him. Up to 125 MPH, then the stunt drivers took over.

Ok, so the begging of the film was a bit emotional, not really what you want from a car film. This was also added by random slow motion shots of him smiling and stuff. A bit off, you are meant to save these slow motion shots for the car crashes do you don't get frustrated with the volume of them (which it kind of, just kind of did). 

So Julia pulls up in the Mustang. From what I can see it is a stick shift Manuel not a flappy panel which involves using the clutch whilst driving. She was wearing extremely high shoes. Wearing suit shoes is hard enough to drive in but girls in high heals. Either she is really good or she barely went above gear 1 / 2. Also we did not really see Aaron Paul shifting through gears which is what we want from films like this.

Once scene that I can't quiet figure out is when they were putting petrol whilst moving. The petrol station clearly states that your engine needs to be off whilst putting petrol. I mean the risk of sparks because of what they done is high. I mean I am not sure if it is possible or not, my research does not deny that you cannot do this, just not recommended.

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is not road legal because it is too light. My problem with this is, wouldn't this affect it racing in that terrain on the mountain. wouldn't there have been a high chance of it flipping?   

Noticed one thing the black 4X4 chasing them before the helicopter scene looked a lot like the one from fast 5.

Overall feeling

Look, people are saying that it is a fast and furious knock off before even seeing it. I am happy to say that this film is unique, it is really really really not knock off. It is its own film. I was worried that it would be bit cheesy racing those Exotic cars but it really wasn't. The stunts were great, camera angles must be applauded and the acting was also good.

I enjoyed this film very much. Overall I give Need For Speed a 8.9 / 10

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