News about the new tenage mutant ninja turtles film and my response

A preview of the new teenage mutant ninja turtles trailer was displayed at a conference somewhere. Anyway the trailer is set to be released for the public later this week. This week is almost over so yay! pretty soon. The inner child in me will force me to go and see it.
However, reading some reviews about the trailer it has not been great. People have commented that Megan Fox's acting doesn't look very good. MY RESPONSE: please, we don't watch films with Megan fox in them for her acting!
Another comment is that they veer off of the original story about them being mutated form toxic waste therefore giving us the teenage mutant ninja turtles. MY RESOPNSE: To be honest the origin story never really bothered me. The thing that I am wondering about though is if they were not mutated from toxic waste, will they just be teenage ninja turtles? where does the mutant part come into it.
So guys (and girls), my source is in the link below. Tell me how you feel about the points raised in the comments below.

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