Non-Stop Mini Review (No Spoilers)

Note: As this film is very recent I have decided to not have any spoilers as the chances are that not a lot of people have seen it.


Summery Of Plot

Bill Marks is an air marshal who is framed for the hijacking of a plane, whilst no one believes him, he is actually trying to protect the plane.


Main Cast

Liam Neeson (Bill) is an air marshal who has not had an easy life. During a normal flight he begins to receive mysterious texts which starts to reveal that everyone on the filght is in extreme danger and he is the only one who can protect it.

Jullianne Moore (Jen or as referred to at multiple times Mam) is a passenger on the plane who sits next to Bill and soon becomes one of the only people who he can trust. (I must say that her hair is a really cool red).

What I Thought Of The Film

I thought non-stop was a pleasant film to watch. Its a film that you can show to the whole family (Maybe not young children). Personally, as a 18 year old male, I would have liked more action but hey, what can you do? it is what it is. I liked it, a lot of plot twists. This is a film which you can really enjoy with your friends. Nice one. (I prefer flight plan though, much better use of a plane film).

I Rate Non-Stop a 7.9 - 8.1 / 10


  1. Grammatical errors in summary of plot please fix it.
    Also don't you mean this movie is great for family and kids over the age of 8?

    1. Dear anonymous commenter,
      I appreciate the feedback, I will try my best to avoid this in future. It is just one of those things I speed write, I have done it do many times I just completely slipped passed it whilst proof reading.
      Also, I refrained from adding an age to my young children comment because children are not all the same. Some may be more sensitive to content then others so in those circumstances. Should wait till an older age. Personally, I would wait till around 10+ however if you feel your children are ready then by all means go ahead. It's just the fact that a plane being hijacked may be disturbing to some children.
      Yours sincerely,
      Mario Elia