Pacific Rim mini review (Spoilers)

Summary of plot 

The whole of the human race is in danger from giant monsters originating from a rift in the Pacific Ocean. All attempts to defend the Earth has failed except one; the Jeager program.

To be honest this image always looked like the main Jeager was
getting shot with a missile but apparently not. 

Main cast

Charlie Hunnam (Raleigh) is a veteran in the Jeager program however after a traumatic experience he retires. After the program is on the brink of being shut down, he must return to save man kind once again/

Rinko Kikuchi (Mako) has had a personal experience with a Kiaju as a child and it is safe to say that she wants pay back. She wants to save the world and being partnered with Raleigh seems to be the only option.

Overall feeling of Pacific Rim

I must say that i really enjoyed the film. With the volume of CGI in this film you would expect a lot of errors however it was flawless. You can really appreciate the amount of time and effort that has been put into this film. The action was outstanding. I did think that the Jeager's got a bit too much of a bettering but it was really good. I must say that Mako was my favorite character. She was ruthless, kinda sexy and fulled with revenge. 

Overall I give Pacific rim a 8.9 / 10

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