Prediction for Captain America The Winter Soldier (another one)

Ok, so there has been a lot of speculation about if Nick Furry dies and if so why. One thing for sure is that there is going to be an assassination attempt and he goes off of the grid. (BONUS! in the TV series agents of shield they cannot find Nick Furry. Maybe its because it is in sync with the film). So back to the film. So in the trailer it teases that there is going to be a new world or a take over, what ever. (Also when it shows them trying to kill Captain America in the lift probably because he is apposed to it). So I think that Nick Furry is also apposed to it therefore he is wanted dead. The winter soldier is a government experiment or however you want to put it. Maybe Nick Furry is in the way therefore shield is in the way. Which is why he has to die. (But also in the trailer it shows Nick Fury battered however not dead so maybe he doesn't die).
But then if you look at a previous post I added you will see that he may have actually dies. (Look at link below).

So yep, that's another one of my multiple theories.

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