Prediction for X-men days of future past

There has been a lot of speculation for why in one of the scenes in the trailer Rogue is wearing a glove. Similar to the ones in which she wore when she still had her powers. In this scene she was also being broken out of some sort of facility. The question is why was she wearing the gloves? she had the cure in x-men the last stand therefore she shouldn't have her powers. This film is set in the future therefore obviously a lot must have happened.

Maybe the cure didn't work? it may have worn of? following this theory, that means that everyone including magneto still has his powers. This theory could be correct because in the very last scene (excluding post credit) it shows magneto playing chess by himself. In this scene it teases that he possibly still has his powers as he makes the chess piece jiggle without touching it. This leads us to think, ok, he was a strong mutant so that could be why however what if they are all back? leading to rouge having her powers.

The other theory is that they are experimenting. Maybe to give humans (even soldiers) powers and part of this was to get existing ex mutants their powers back (enter Rogue). This is just a theory but mutants being experimented on seems extremely cruel but we have seen worse in x-men films.

Look, I could be completely wrong, I am just throwing some ideas which could be possible. What do you think, could I be right? maybe you have another theory? let me know in the comments below.

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