Predictions On The New Transformers 4 Trailer

Ok, so I am trying some new things with my blog. I have just seen the new full trailer for transformers 4 which has lead me to do a new predictions section. This will basically be me shooting some ideas past you and who knows, maybe ill be right.

Hear is the Link for the new full trailer (looks awesome).

Look, new cast so obviously its needed a major plot change. It looks like when a TV series starts a new season, they sometimes completely change everything.

From the looks of things, the transformers have been forgotten about. Retired even. They in fact look like they are hiding. As stated multiple times in the trailer "we don't need you anymore" (followed by explosions stating otherwise) its almost like they are being hunted.

Also, the mean team sent after Mark Wahlberg and his family supports my theory that they have been hunted by humans (which in my opinion is completely redundant as its difficult to kill one). If they are being hunted, I am guessing it is because they refused to give the humans their technology which leads a fearful human race to kill them? So the fact, they say new rules which could mean new laws against transformers?
Maybe after number three they thought the Autobots would try and take over the world to recreate Cybertron which means they are trying to kill them to prevent this.

One thing I am confused about is when it shows Mark Wahlberg's daughter being kidnapped, I would normally think this is the trying to scare Mark however it looks like a transformer cage like thing. Maybe their trying to get Mark Wahlberg to give up Optimus Prime. 
By the way, anyone who is wondering. The new enemies are the Dinobots.

This is a new sub thing im trying out so let me know if you like it in the comments below and +1.  

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