Priest review (Kinda mini, not that much to say) (Spoilers but not that many)

Summary of plot

The story follows a priest who feels out of place once there is no need for the priest system any more. No more vampires to kill leads him to feel out of place however it is made very personal which leads him to do what he does best, hunts vampires.


Main cast

Paul Battany (Priest) is forced to hunt vampires once again after a thought extinct species kidnaps his neis.
Maggie Q or as I prefer, Nikita (Priestess) like all members of the priest system, struggles to find her place in the world where they are no longer needed. However the uncover of vampires and a disobedient priest leads her to spring into action.
So the first few minutes of the film when he goes and meets the elders. I was thinking alright, I can get into this plot then MAGNITO!!! but it wasn't him. Momentary burst of excitement.


 What I thought of Priest

To be honest I was presently surprised by this film. There was nothing really wrong with it (which kinda sucks as it leads to a small review) . The plot was easy to follow, well explained. The CGI was good, Maggie Q was awesome as always. Garvis from Iron man (priest) wasn't so bad either.
Overall I give Priest a 7.8 ish / 10

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