Quick News which cause questoins about the amazing spiderman 2 (Spoilers)

*Just some quick notes on the amazing spider man 2* - All of the questions and news have been spawned from this link below*

The amazing Spiderman 2 is a film which I am very exited about. New villains, new challenges and of course, Emma stone ;)
As stated in this video multiple times, Electro will be the main villain however Rhino and some sort of Goblin will be along side him. 

The director stated Rhino will only have a four minute appearance which leads us to question what happens to him? Will he be put aside for a future film?  
Also with the new villains (spoiled in the trailer) which are predicted for a future film, we wonder when Rhino will actually get a spider man film.
This is also questioned because Andrew Garfield only signed on for three film so what does the future hold for this franchise?


Also, Emma stone is teased to die (which I hope she doesn't). Let me know in the comments below what you think, should she die or not?

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