The Great Gatsby (2013) Mini Review (not really any spoilers)

Summary of plot

A new person in town finds himself taken under a rich businessman's wing as he is shown the ins and outs of life in this town.



Main Cast

Leoardo DiCaprio (Gatsby) is a man who has made his way up the ranks using any means necessary. Now he is rich and throws massive parties however he has one thing missing. A woman to share his life with.

Tobey Maguire (Nick) is a new person in town and finds himself intrigued by his extravagant neighbour Gatsby. As his life continues he finds himself sucked into this rich life with Gatsby ringing him closer and closer.

Overall feeling of The Great Gatsby

I have to confess that I was reluctant too see this film at first, I was dragged by a sibling. However I did really enjoy this film. I did not see the original nor read the book (I know, bad right?) but thought this film was great. The parties thrown by Gatsby were awesome, What people could only dream of. Anyone having an party like that I would gladly attend. The cast were awesome however in my opinion I actually found nick (or as I like to call him SPIDERMAN / PETER PARKER) pretty redundant. I would have much rather just had it all the way through angles around Gatsby. One thing that I did notice about this film was that it did drag on a bit. Not too much however it was very noticeable around the part when the heat wave struck. One thing to note is that this film had an awesome soundtrack, whilst watching it you do question why Will.I.Am is singing in a film set such a long time ago however the soundtrack is awesome and I would highly recommend buying it.

Overall I Give The Great Gatsby a 8.2 / 10

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