The Wolf Of Wallstreet mini review (Spoilers)

Summary of plot

A broker must rebuild his career after a crash in wall street, After opening up his own stock market firm the police start sniffing around and begin to uncover deep trading secrets.  


Main cast

Leonardo DiCaprio (Jordan) makes his way through the market to get the millions that he has however the police start to threaten this once they have under covered how he has gotten there.  
loved the film

Jonah Hill (Donnie) practically looks up to Jordan, he does anything he does and will even lit for Jordan to the police. (Note, Does Jonah Hill ever play a character without a drug / alcohol problem?)

What I though

I loved this film. Really enjoyed watching it. I felt it was a bit long but I didn't get bored whilst watching I, they actually made use of every second they were on the screen. I noticed a few camera issues for example shutting the door three times. The ending was also confusing but none of this mattered. This film was excellent. My favourite part was the Lemon L drugs and the Lambo. A few of you may not like the amount of sex and drug use but to be honest, every film has it now. By the way this films based on a true story

Overall I Give The Wolf Of Wall street a 8.7 / 10 (Great film)

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