What I Thaught Of Terminator 4 (and the rest)

The first terminator got me hooked, wanting more even. However like most franchises, it goes down hill. Don't get me wrong though, they really did try. One thing that you cant take away from this is that they are not going down without a fight. I did not necessarily hate any of them, just didn't think they were as good as the first (you know, because it was epic).
Reminds me of Maggie Q

One thing about this franchise that was good was the improvement of CGI (this is a mostly CGI heave film so obviously I expect high standards from it). As good as the first Terminator was I couldn't help but notice the CGI was really framey buy don't get me wrong! I completely understand that its years old and was far beyond expectations when it was released. My point is that I am just glad that the CGI finally caught up with the franchise.

In my opinion one and two were the best. It had the whole dark, Smokey effects going on. Just what this film needs to be awesome. I understand that number three has received a lot a lot of hate. Personally I did not think it was a bad film but I completely understand what they were talking about. Its just like John Connor forgot all of the training that his mum apparently slept with a lot of men to receive but ho hey. All is good. Number four however completely moved on. Was like it completely separated (similar to transformers 4). Its like they took off and moved planet. The whole its a 12A when it should have been a 15 thing springs into mine so there would have been more action but it was still good. I have high hopes for the new one.
One final thing about number four is that it seemed to be more of a transformers compared to a terminator film.

So I just want to conclude saying I did not hate any part of this franchise. Each film was good in their own right. I enjoy how its developed, just really want the next one to be good.

ALSO!!!!! number four may definitely confuse you with the whole time travel thing. Any questions about it I am happy to answer!

 I will admit that this post was not very funny however it had to be said.

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