What i thought of the dark night rises and the rest (Spoilers)

I have always been a fan of batman and i am happy to say that the trilogy does not disappoint. Whenever there is a new film it just keeps getting better and better. They each have their features which are extremely good.

Batman begins was great. It was kind of confusing to figure out that he was being trained however that was not a big deal. When the action started it was awesome, i mean at the end of the day its batman. How could he disappoint? The smoke effects were a bit much when the poisoness gas was released however it adds to the atmosphere of the film i guess. I loved the can you drive stick crack when he got into the bat tank (or what ever they called it)

The dark knight I must say blew my mind. I had this film for some time before i watched it because it came free with a deal and was on blue ray. I have to say that the blue ray copy blew me away The quality was just amazing. But anyway, back to the film. The joker as the villain was amazing. The acting was out of this world (just a shame what happened, RIP). This in fact was a dual villain film with two face who was also, very well casted. I thought that this was far better then the first one, not to say the first one was not good. Just thought this was better. My particular favorite scene was when he blew up the hospital, very very very well done.

The dark knight rises This film can only be described as a maser piece. It was a film which i was very exited too see in the cinema. (Just one piece of advice, if your bladder is as small as mine then do not drink anything! this is one long film!). Now the accessory of Anne Hathaway was out standing. When i first heard about her being cast as Cat Woman i must say that I was a bit skeptical. In my eyes Cat Woman needed to be a tad slutty and mysterious and i just didn't think that Anne Hathaway was capable then that. HOWEVER and this is a big HOWEVER,  Anne Hathaways was outstanding. She adapted to this role perfectly, i was actually blown away by her acting. It just shows what an amazing actress she actually is. When I had a long haul journey I stuck this on and said to myself I was going to skip to the good parts, yh, they all had Anne Hathaway in them. Bane was also very well casted (It was funny to find out how high the shoes were that Tom Hardy was wearing i order to be taller then Batman). The extremes that this film went to was amazing. (If i recall correctly it had the highest volume of actual extras instead of just using computers). This film was outstanding, i would highly recommend it.  

Which was my favorite you may ask, it is a real blood bath battle between the dark knight and the dark rises. I just cant choose out of them two. The dark knight had better action, story. the dark knight rises was also good with the action and story but i just felt number two beat it on that part. Why i think number tree may be better? It had Anne Hathaway. She was awsome. 

It is also relevant to state that they are making a Gotham TV series which is released later this year based on commissioner Gordan's rise. 

So guys and girls, which was your favorite? let me know in the comments below 
Also the Batman vs super man... Any thoughts, let me know in the comments below

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