What I thought of Fast And Furios 6 and the rest (Spoilers)

Ok, so I like to constantly add new things, keeps life interesting. so I am doing "what I thought" posts to my blog. These will be about films which are part of a trilogy. I will try my best to keep them short and sweet but I do like to talk a lot (Or type).

I have to start off by saying that I thought that this was a really good film. There is no taking that away from it. Its like all of the fast and furious films, they may have rapidly evolved but they are all great films.

However this film lost what made it great. Doing up cars and street racing, it just lost touch of its roots / mother tongue. One and two (Maybe three too but that's up for debate) got us hooked on unthinkable action but most importantly street racing with TUNED cars. Tuned cars are what made this film great (In my opinion at least).

Its like in number 6, they start off with two awesome cars but seemed stock. After they are thrown into BMW M5's which don't get me wrong, are nice. But again, as stated in the film. Stock. A little part of me was glad too see them get wrecked because it just didn't work. (Gisel looked hot driving them though). You could argue about the flip car because that was completely custom (and awesome).

However one thing which I like is that there is always one major fight involved and this was no different. IT WAS A CHICK FIGHT! Even though Letty was a "baddie" I still wanted her to win. (and the twist involving that evil b**h was great!).

So yh, a great film but as it develops they are just getting further away from their origins but the fans (ie me) seem to be responding and moving on so its cool. The plot seems to be taking over the cars but hey. The cast are cool.


Just have to say RIP Paul Walker... And Gisel

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