What I thought of G.I Jo: Retaliation and the other one (Spoilers)

The first one I really enjoyed. For a film of its length it did not seem to drag. It was great, very futuristic with some epic fight scenes. The evil woman (who ended up being brainwashed) was great, the plot twist was awesome. I just really enjoyed this, great start to what looked like a very promising franchise.

Number two however was just lost. It wasn't necessarily a bad film and it was good in its self. However it just wasn't the same. Whilst watching the film you question why is this one so short but then you realized it is only 8 minutes shorter then the first. It just felt like there was much more in the first film compared to this one. It did have its fair share of action but just was not as good as the first. I have a few main confusions about this film. One, why get a whole new cast????? we liked the first one. Two, why kill off Channing Tatum. I mean i didn't care about I him but the girls did. I can tell you for a fact that they must have lost most of their revenue from doing this because I know girls who did not see this film because he was killed off.  My final question is why destroy London, it is such a beautiful place, why not be like every single other film and destroy New York. I mean it is still a nice place but I don't live there so... yh. Now even the addition of Bruce Willis or The Rock could salvage the mess they made. But I did like the new team as well as the old one. 

so my basic thoughts is that first was good. Second was lost. 

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