What I thought of iron man 3 and the rest (spoilers)

From the first film you could tell that this wouldn't be the normal super hero film. Fair enough. I enjoyed number one, it was a really good introduction to tony stark and his journey into becoming iron man. When this came to I was fairly young so its was a real treat to go and see a film of this standard.

Number two. tut tut tut. This film really really let me down. The action in the trailer looked awesome however it should have come with a warning that this was the only action in the whole film. There was around two actual action shots. The best part of this film was when scarlet Johansson came into it and decided to knock everyone out. It seemed like a really had parody of the avengers, it as just to chilled. Also, they changed Rhodey, to be honest they could have said something like, "oh you look different, new hair?". Just to let us know he has changed. Not a big deal though. I was just really let down by this film.

Now time for number three, I have to give it to the film. It really did try. really tried its best. The action was kind of weird however I did like how he just made a make shift weapon out of gloves. Use of the extremis was kinda weird, ok, it was the plot. One thing about this that I am clearly not the only one saying is that it was the incredibles. A person who was ignored be their idol then turned to hating them and trying to destroy him.

Just some things that thought was weird:
When they eventually stole the iron patriot suit, how?? wouldn't he have needed the arc reactor thingy in his heart? (IT was the power supply)
In number three, I get that he was obsessed however how many suits did he make? in the final fight scene all you see are suits getting destroyed. However there always seems to be a new one.
Most of the suits seemed cool, why not focus more on them and what makes them unique.
If the suits are moulded into Tony Stark (which is what he said when Rhodey asked for one) then why did the arm fir on Pepper? surely Tony stark doesn't have girl arms! leading on from this, why does iron patriot even fit Rhodey?????? clear physical difference.
Now, I think everyone wants to know the answer to my next point. Why the F**K did Tony stark blow up all of his suits (not even leaving one).
And why the F**K did he remove the arc reactor from his heart, wasn't it impossible, if it was possible then when did they make us wait till the third film to do it. Won't it leave a massive gaping whole in his chest?

Also the Audi R8 he drove at the end of number three was electric but made a noise, if you get an electric car then you can install the noise but that's pointless, why?
He isn't iron man any more! im sorry but it aint. just aint!

However, overall, it just deteriorated, they ruined iron man.

Also, I don't know why but I just don't like iron patriot, just don't.

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