What I thought of Transformers 3 (and the rest) (Spoilers)

First I have to start off by saying I am a huge transformers fan. As far as to say which is my favorite I would choose number 2. This is one of the rare occasions when i am happy to say that the sequel to this was as good as the first one.

The first transformers I enjoyed. A great introduction (plus some great shots of Megan Fox) to the franchise, good at introducing the characters. To be honest I could not fault it. On thing I could not help but notice is that Optimus Prime picket the biggest thing he saw, at leas the other Autobots had sense and went for the fast cars. One thing that I was confused about was why the cube only created evil Decepticons, not good Autobots which would have made the fight more interesting. Imagine a Mountain Dew machine fighting Megatron. 

The second transformers I enjoyed. As stated above, this is  my favorite. I watched this one first sot hat could have played a part in it, who knows. The heart chooses what the heart chooses. One comment that  have about this was at the begging when the shard created evil Decepticons of the machinery around the house (which also why not create Autobots) it used a Dyson. May i just say that when i went home that day I avoided our Dyson. Just in case :) I thought that the action in this one was much better, i particularly enjoyed the desert environment, it just made the action more awesome. I must say my favorite scene was near the begging when they were battling those massive Decepticons and they had the Auldi R8. OHHHHHH nice. Oh and my favorite Autobots were the twins with the Chevolet Spark and the other Chevolet. Obviously them being twins and me being a twin helped with this but i just felt that they were awesome. 

Number three, to every single boys (and maybe even girls) disappointment there was no Megan Fox, apparently she called Micheal Bay a Nazi or something like that. In transformers defense they Use Rosie something which was also good to looks at. Number three had a lot of cool robots, especially shock wave. I was confused about why Optimus Prime Kept all of his weapons int he trailer, he didn't the previous films so I don't see why they felt the need to disarm him in this one. One thing that i must applaud number three on was the awesome detail there was, from the shattering glass to the slow motion shots of those military planes falling when they had the squirrel suits (which also was an awesome scene). 

To Sum up I love this trilogy. I  have always been a transformers fan and these films have far exceeded expectations. I am very exited. Just thought i would point a link which has the newest full trailer and my predictions of the pilot for the next film.


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