X-men days of future past trailer breakdown (trailer 2)

For those of you who have not seen the new trailer (trailer 2), it can be found in the link below along with a few vague points
(By the way this breakdown scenes may not be in the correct order as seen in trailer, I tried my best).
First point is that I would like to discuss is have the mutants evolved? Many of them seem to have evolved new powers (or just developed the current ones). For example we see Iceman scatting on the ice he produces, he never did this before (Shawn Ashmore also highlighted this in a tweet). Also shadow cat has the ability to make others time travel. (which is what this films based on).  
NOTE: In the comics it was shadow cat who was sent back in time because she was the only one who could survive the process. now its wolverine, probably because of fans or something, personally I would have loved to see this film be based around Ellen Page but ho hey.
Also at first glance it appears that pyro is in this film and has evolved to make his whole body engulf in flames however it is not pyro, it is sun spot.

One scene involves a sentinel going after Halle Berry and apparently killing her. This would be a shame because I like Halle Berry but who knows, maybe this is the reason they decide to do something and travel back in time to prevent this derelict Earth. Many fans may be happy to see this (not me) because they do not like Halle Berry as Storm so seeing her die may be a kind of release for them. (She may not die because in the scene when she appears to get stabbed there is also Bishop on the Rooftop. Bishop has the ability to absorb his enemies energy and use that energy to attack them. maybe he kills the sentinel before it kills Storm.

Its nice that they have a chance to time travel back in time in order to prevent this. You know, so we don't end up having another last stand. Speaking of which, in last stand Magnito had his powers taken away. (but then near the end he showed possibility of having them). He is alive in days of future past which means that he has done something to survive. Maybe this is his powers.  From what it looks like after re watching the trailer he definitely has his abilities. Either that or the sentinels chose to hover like that
As what I said in a previous post, does this include all mutants, the "cure" didn't work? this means rouge has her powers back however she is not shown in this trailer. In the previous trailer she is being broken out of a prison place with a  glove on which supports that she has her powers otherwise she wouldn't be wearing the gloves.

At 38 seconds there is an avengers style camera angle which surrounds the mutants. Just saying, looks cool. Also at 1.37 there is a really cool scene with Ellen Page. I like Ellen page, Shes cool.

My final point is about the sentinels. There are so many, also they appear to be more functional then I first thought. I just thought they were huge, clunky machines with guns. Maybe they develop as time passed though the film. There are also a lot of them in this trailer, seems like over kill.

So I am exited about this film, what do you guys (or girls) think. Let me know in the comments below.

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