Agents Of Shield Episode 17 Fallout From Captain America The Winter Soldier


One big question we were all left wondering after Captain America The Winter Soldier was what happens to shield? linking to that, what happens to "agents of shield"? It is clear that after watching episode 17 that they are continuing with this destruction of shield.  
To be honest I am glad that they showed this all out affecting the TV show as well. Helps to show that the future film Avengers 2 may also be different. (Unless they fix this whole issue in Agents Of Shield, then that would suck).
One other think that I am glad they didn't ruin continuity wise was agent Nick Furry's death. Curious to film out if they keep him fake dead .

What do you think? Did you like what they have done to shield? Do you like how they have integrated this into the TV show? Do you even like the TV show? Let me know in the comments below and most importantly, do not forget to subscribe (IT WORKS NOW!)

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