Behind Enemy Lines (2001) Review (Spoilers)

Summary of plot

A jet fighter and his partner are shot out of the sky and must survive being enemy lines until they can be rescued.


Main Cast: (actually had quiet a few familiar faces but these two were the main)

Owen Wilson (Burnett) is a fighter pilot (well navigator) however is bored and wants some action. A recent peace treaty threatens to dock the aeroplane carrier which makes him even more agitated.
Gabriel Macht (Stackhouse or, if you are anything like me you will know him as Harvey Spector)  is Burnett's close friend and pilot who just wants to get the missions he is set done.

Few things to note: 
This film was made 13 years ago so note the CGI wont be as good as it is today however it doesn't disappoint that much. Nothing really actually wrong with it.

The evil guy reminds me of Niko from GTA 5.

When the guy is dangling out of the helicopter, that's the think they tried to do in source code but flopped.

In the end scene when everyone is shooting each other, those tanks were useless. They didn't really shoot and couldn't one of them have shot the helicopters out of the sky?


What I thought of the film

I liked this film, there wasn't really anything wrong with it. It was a 12 however it was a good 12 so it didn't really miss any violence out (keeping in mind this is when 12's were 12's and not 12A). It was a good film, action was good, was a tad too long but that doesn't matter.

Overall I Give Behind Enemy Lines a 7.8 / 1

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