Breakdown of Transformer: Age Of Extinction (from the trailers)

This will be a quick post will be about what I think the new transformers will be like, plot and character wise.

So the general feeling from the trailer is that the humans do not want the transformers on Earth. Now it is currently unclear about the reasons for this. Off the top of my head I can think of multiple reasons.
One being that there has not been a transformer related threat in a while which means the government are now reluctant to let them live on Earth, basically they don't think we need them.
Another reason is that the autobots are not sharing their weaponry with the. Fair enough, they don't want it being weaponised for wars and stuff however the government do not see it this war.

The final reason is general fear of the power of the autobots. They live on Earth however are far more powerful then any weapons they have.

All of this leads to what appears to be an extremely ruthless hunt for transformers. As we know transformers can blend in by looking like cars and other technology however they are easily detectible through the use of Enegon detectors (Displayed in previous films).  The soldiers did also look ruthless as they were bullying Mark Wahlberg's screen children.

At some point in the multiple trailers we see Optimus prime shooting his way out of the garage. At first glance it appears that the not shooting humans rule has been tossed out of the window however IT ISNT! If you look at the trailer again, Optimus shot the ground in an attempt to stun the government people whilst he escaped, not actually killing them.

("Where is Optimus Prime", maybe they should check inside the  massive frekin barn!)

Obviously, these are new to the film franchise and appear to be much more powerful then the Decepticons ever were. They are bigger and much more experienced as these (I think they are dinosaurs transformers from thousands of years back). They look much greater in size, especially compared to optimus prime who was massive in previous films. I cant figure out the reasoning behind him looking anorexic in the trailers, maybe it was to make the Dinobots look bigger to emphasise the threat the autobots are facing? In the previous films we have seen the producers add parts to Optimus making him look more "hench".

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