Captain America The Winter Soldier Has Affected Marvel's Agents Of Sield (I was right)

Guys (and girls), if you have not seen the new captain America then this post will make no sense. However if you have and you watch agents of shield the continue reading.

So after the events of Captain America destroying shield I for one was very confused about the future of this series. If you look back through my previous posts you will find this Which is basically some old predictions about the show (this may not make sense now because of when I wrote it)

Anyway it clearly has, the shield agents around the world seem to be going into meltdown due to the under cover hydra agents. I think this episode will be more like a marvel one shoot then an agents of shield because of how it s affected by the plot but doesn't really affect the story of the film.

One issue however is that what if viewers have not seen the new Captain America? does this mean have to stop watching the series? I mean they don't actually want to ruin Captain America for the viewer just by watching a TV series.

Watch this and tell me what you think in the comments below, did they make the right decision with the whole destruction of shield? should they have made the show not affected at all?

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