Catwoman need a new film? (rant)

One the subject of reboots ( ) how about Catwoman?

I liked Hale Berry as Catwoman and to be honest most of my friends agree with my however the critics really did not giving it a 3.3 / 10.

I did not really think there was anything wrong with the film, it did seem a tad far fetched even for a DC film and I think the main reason was that they put
 Catwoman straight into a super hero role when she really an anti-hero (not necessarily a villain yet).

To be honest I think they far made up for this in The Dark Night Rises. They rebooted Cabwoman's character with new casting as Anne Hathaway which I was really sceptical about at first. I always knew she was a good actress however I just didn't  think she pull off a well... kind of slutty role. However after seeing this film I was deeply deeply mistaken. Anne Hathoway really displayed what a great actress she is with a mind blowing performance which actually put Halle Berry to shame.

All of this leads me to question why they are not giving Anne Hathoway her own stand alone film. I know they are in discussion and are really considering it however nothing is confirmed completely. I know that Catwoman does not need really need a new stand alone film however it would just be nice. I mean to be fair Marvel has redone hulk a few times do why do DC not give Catwoman one. I think it is what everyone wants too see.     

So what do you guys (and girls) think, did you like anne hathoways performance? would you like to see her own stand alone film? let me know in the comments below and do not forget to subscribe

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