I Am Number Four Small and concise Review (not really any spoilers)

Summary Of Plot

After evacuating their home planet, "john smith" and his guardian must hide on Earth to ensure their survival. After discovering the assassination of others like them, it is even more crucial that they keep a low profile.

What I thought of the film

When  this film was released I did not think much of it, from the trailer, I just assumed it would be a childish film about people with powers. After watching it, I am not ashamed to admit that I was deeply mistaken. (well the villains did look like something out of a cartoon but that can be forgiven). I highly rate the plot, it was something different however fitting in the sci fi genre. It actually has similarities to "the man of steel" plot in the sense that he had powers and had to hide them (however more extreme). The acting was really impressive, the story demanded some sympathy for the main character which was portrayed brilliantly.

Overall I Give I Am Number For An 8.3 / 10. (I was really impressed, my friends also agree).

Knowing there have been five books published (to date) really makes me want more films to be produced however many sources say that the whole movie line has been cancelled. I guess the production studios determined that this was one of those book series' just meant to stay as a book (unlike films such as twilight and the hunger games ect...).

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