In The Blood Mini Review (not really any spoilers)

Summary of plot

Whilst on her honeymoon a woman must fight to find her husband after he goes missing. Using all of the skills she has been taught she must go up against criminals in order to find out the truth about her husbands disappearance.

What I thought of the film

Once you see Gina Carano under the cast you know for a fact, you are going to walk into a film with a lot of action. And I am happy to say that this does not disappoint. The film was good but the action was better. The fact that this film is an 18 also helped a lot because there was not really a limit on what Gina Carano could do. I thought the plot was well portrayed, the cast behind it was also good for example they had that guy from 2 fast 2 furious and MACHETE! I must comment on the camera angles used in this film, pretty impressive.

Overall I Give In The Blood A 8.4 / 10 - good film, good cast, good action. Nothing much else to say.

Note: Gina Canaro on a motorcycle :)

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